Mobile reload & utility payment app

Learn to pay your bills with PayMaster. It’s engaging, fun and free!

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Make quick & easy reloads.

You can now purchase any Mobile reload without spending any additional charges or time.

Other utility payments.

Quickly settle your Electricity, Water and Telephone bills. That's also free of any additional charge

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Earn cash backs !

You can easily win the "Challenges" given to you and win points that can be used to buy mobile reloads or pay utility payments.

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Pay by Card.

Supported by MasterCard's MPGS and Commercial Bank Sri Lanka. PayMaster has true and secure card transaction processing capability of a Sri Lankan App

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Sinhala Tamil & English.

Now you can use the app in the language that you want. We support all major languages such as Sinhala and Tamil.

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I've been using PayMaster everyday and I actually won a lot of cash backs. Now i don't travel outside to purchase my reloads or pay any bills.

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- Samantha

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