Come and join the most exciting Sri Lankan tech start-up ever!!!

If you have "the stuff" to show how its done, PayMaster is the place for you.We value action more than talk and results more than what you show on a presentation.

If you have nither then its no point going forward. Because we want people who are focused on moving forward.

Senior Developers.

Native mobile development/ Back-end development capability. Self motivated individuals with can do attitude towards finding workable solutions. Use the contact tab to share your LinkedIn profile.

Junior Developers.

We expect you to be the second line to support the product and new developments. Back-end development and angular is and advantage. you will be expected to triple check your code and test the new versions. Get in touch with us if you are interested. 

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Customer Experience Officers

Most important position at PayMaster. You are the lifeline between the customer and the company. Ability to understand the customer and respond in all types of Social media and communication medium is a must. If you have previous experience in this area... then it's an advantage.

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Office Manager.

Making sure that everyone gets paid and all the bills are settled on time is your main task. Bit of Banking and bit of Interviewing is required of you. Share your LinkedIn profile with us if you are interested.  

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